Os Catro Gatos is an Art Workshop  of autogestry run by plastic artists with a format of open collaboration with other artists.


The exhibitions will be carrier out with a collaborative consideration.

OS CATRO GATOS will charge a total of € 150.00 in donation for the assembly expenses, the cost of postcards, information label, advertising, and inauguration catering of the inauguration of the selected artist.


The expenses derived from transport, production, framing, painting or other elements necessary for the exhibition are met by the artist. 


The walls of the room can be used as a support provided that the artist is responsible for re-painting the walls in white if necessary, once the exhibition is finished.   


OS CATRO GATOS is committed to exhibiting the artist's work during the agreed dates, as well as to disseminate and promote his or her work. 


The assembly and disassembly will be done by the artist with the collaboration of the team of OS CATRO GATOS. 

If the project is selected, it will be necessary for the artist to send images of at least 50% of the works to be exhibited, complementary information about the project and specific information regarding its assembly one month before the inauguration of the project. Otherwise, OS CATRO GATOS reserves the right to cancel it. 


If it is the author desire, the original works can be on sale. In such a case, OS CATRO GATOS will take a 30% commission. 


If there is graphic work, reproductions, publications or some other products involved, like activities, workshops, etc… the commission on sale will also be 30%. 


Participation in this call means the acceptance of all its terms and conditions.